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The Blueprint of Overcoming Fear

3 Key Points:

  1. Fear of failure and fear of success is common
  2. There are three types of barriers that hold us back.
  3. Removing barriers exercises your barrier removing muscle and makes fear easier to overcome.

Show Notes:

  • [0:26] People are afraid of fear and success.
  • [0:32] People pretend to be practical but what really is going on is their fear is holding them back.
  • [0:46] The solution is to remove the barriers.
  • [0:50] The first type of barrier is external.
  • [1:23] The second type of barrier is internal, and we are aware of it.
  • [1:59] The third type of barrier is also internal, and we are unaware of it. This is the root of the problem and what is causing your fear.
  • [2:47] The result of doing the work of uncovering unconscious barriers is that everything gets easier.
  • [3:46] Your confidence increases, and you can take on larger fear-inducing struggles.

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