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The Blueprint of a Great Business

3 Key Points:

  1. Building a great business starts with what makes you different.
  2. Ask people what they want and give it to them!
  3. Compromise in marriage and business is very important.

Show Notes:

  • [2:25] Start with the toughest question, “why should people buy from you instead of your competitors?”
  • [2:48] The answer can’t be something your competitors can do as well.
  • [3:11] Focus on what really differentiates you.
  • [3:50] Create a profile of your ideal customer and focus on your niche
  • [6:00] Ask people what they want and give it to them.
  • [8:00] Business partner wanted to go in a different direction after only a few months of being in business.
  • [11:30] Don’t fall into the trap of being too specific about your passion, passions change over time.
  • [12:25] “I wanted to be an entrepreneur more than anything else!”
  • [17:30] Compromise in a marriage and business is needed.
  • [20:00] “People stepped up at key times to help me because I was willing to do the work.”

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