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Small Business Owners – Make 2017 the Year Your Marketing Goes Big

Recently I watched a Lost Interview with Steve Jobs from 1995. At the conclusion of the interview Steve Jobs was asked to predict the future. His predictions about the internet and the social impact gave me chills. Remember it was 1995, the internet was still just a toddler and social media wouldn’t really exist for another 10 years.

Steve Jobs also predicted that 10’s of Billions of dollars would be sold online and that small businesses would be able to look very large online and even compete with the large companies. 22 years have passed since Steve Jobs made these wildly accurate predictions. Does that mean it is too late for you? Since you are not an ‘early adopter’ does that mean you can’t get be successful selling your products and services online?

Learn more about why 2017 is the year you should make your marketing go big!

Iris in Marketing recently posted a great article called “Small can become big in the digital age.” The ideas presented by Iris in Marketing’s article inspired me to write about this subject. As a small business owner and entrepreneur since 2009 I have really learned to appreciate the power of small. Over the years, I have learned how to sell services from gutter cleaning to business consulting online. It was never easy but it also was never as hard as I imagined when I first started. Usually the thing that is holding us back is well “us”. We stand in our own way and convince ourselves that it is to hard, social media is for young people and I have never needed to sell anything online before so why start now?

3 Reasons 2017 is the Year you Should Start Selling Online

  1. 40 % of the worlds population is online. Check out Internet Live Stats and watch the number of users climb in real time. This means that most of your customers are already online so finding them will be as easy as asking them to join your community and they will.
  2. Business to Customer sales will hit $1.92 Trillion in 2016 and will grow to $2.356 Trillion by 2018. For more information about these statistics check out This means that even if you only scratch the surface you will generate positive cash flow and influence your revenue to grow.
  3. It has never been easier to build a website, set up e-commerce on your website and reach out to your customers with free and inexpensive advertising options. There is so much information available to help you get started and companies that have set up platforms that make it easier to get started with no experience. Trackstar Web Design and Engaged Social Media will help you build custom sites and social media campaigns. Do it yourself platforms are also available like Wix, Shopify and ClickFunnels.

You may have missed out on the first 22 years of online selling opportunities but honestly the best is yet to come. Remember only 40% of the world’s population have access to the internet and that number is growing every second and the trend to make online purchases is growing not shrinking so NOW is the time to launch your business online.


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