Applying to be on the Build a Better Business Podcast

Build a better business podcast

Thank You for Your Interest in the Podcast

Are you accepting new guests ?

At this time we have interviewed all the guests for Season 3 and we have not started recording interviews for Season 4. 

Can I apply to be a guest for Season 4 ?

Although I appreciate your interest, I am not recording any interviews for Season 4 at this time. 

Why are you not recording interviews for season 4 ?

As with most things it is a long story. The short version is that I am working on another project for the heavy-duty parts industry. 

When will you start recording interviews for season 4 ?

At this point I do not have a set date but if you would like to join my Podcast Guest Email list BELOW I will notify you as soon as I make that decision and you can apply to be on the podcast. 

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