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Searching For A Voice- Unleashing the Power of Self-Expression

Contributed by Kyle Vine | Poetry Ghost

Do you have a voice in your writing? If someone read the text message you just sent, would their mind read it in your voice?

Anyone can write well, whether it`s a text message to your Mom or a heartfelt romantic card. In order for it to be special though, one element must be present: your voice! It`s the sound that comes out while you read those words and the thing that tells your brain what to imagine.

It can be a long journey to find your voice. Is it thoughtful, sarcastic, energetic, or critical- each may be something waiting to be discovered!  You have to travel through a jungle of words, many of which won`t matter, and eventually, your mind will speak. You can write every day, and slowly you`ll develop the ability to find your voice.

At least that`s what everyone says! I`m writing to say it`s easier than that.

Your voice is really just the way you tell a story. Boring people write papers that are boring to read. Exciting people speak with lots of volume and excitement, and their writing reflects that hard-to-contain energy. It doesn’t matter who you are, your level of talent, or even how educated you may be: the story has to be told in the best way possible.

Next time you have to write an E-mail, Facebook comment, or Instagram caption, remember who you are. You may not be Shakespeare, but you can still speak and express yourself with a similar effect. The words you write are just a new avenue of self-expression, giving your brain a chance to speak instead of your tongue. In the end, you choose how they should sound!

Next time you are holding a pen or typing on a keyboard, remember one thing: this is the time for your brain to speak. Writing is the best avenue to express or understand yourself, and every opportunity should be taken to find a natural voice.  Use your writing abilities as much as possible, and write honestly: don`t be afraid to say exactly what you are thinking.  Write exactly the words you need, and your voice will come out perfectly. You don`t need to make your messages sound complicated if that isn`t how you normally speak.

The voice in your head reading this is me. Very soon, your writing could have the same effect on others. There is a voice trapped in the back of your mind- it`s about time you set it free.

Kyle Vine is a budding writer with a passion for words and the power of communication. AS CEO of Poetry Ghost, he blends poetry and marketing strategy to reveal the voice of your business.  You`ll normally see him rocking out to indie music or sitting in a coffee shop, looking for new ways to inspire others. Otherwise, he`ll be found helping a non-profit, researching cool marketing strategies, or watching nature looking for poetic inspiration!

If you have questions or comments about finding your voice, e-mail me! Follow Poetry Ghost and find us on Facebook! Take advantage of free writing tips and marketing tricks on Instagram.

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