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Reaching Your Sales Quotas in Q2

Q1 is behind us. How did you do?

Personally, my first quarter was an overall success although I know I can still improve. In January I hit the ground running reaching 112%, February was disappointing missing my quota and only achieving 92%, and finally, March was a banner month hitting over 130%. Overall my quarter ended 112% of quota.

Now that we are in Q2 of 2017 what can we do to set ourselves up for success all year long?

  1. Subscribe to The Brutal Sales Truth to help you learn and stay motivated. Listen to the episode The Five Ways to Crush It in Q2 for more information on reaching Q2 sales quotas.
  2. Review your KPI’S (Key Performance Indicators) and set targets to help you stay focused on the right activities. Don’t fall into the trap of busy work. As an example, two of my KPI’S are task completion on product demos and quotes. These two activities for me correlate with increasing revenue. To better understand KPI’s check out this article from Optimize Smart.
  3. Listen to Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. Do the thing you have been procrastinating on that if successful would generate massive revenue.

The second quarter will be over so quickly and we will be in the dog days of summer where getting deals done are often hindered by summer vacations. Focus on important activities and crush your sales quotas in Q2.

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