Practical Business Advice from Someone Who Has Lived It

3 Key Points:

  1. Education is very valuable, but you must connect practical value to what you are learning.
  2. One secret of entrepreneurial success is to be a grinder.
  3. Validation is a critical component to ensure that you do not fall in love with a business idea that no one will care about or buy.

Show Notes:

  • [02:25] – Jamie shares where he is from and what growing up was like.
  • [04:53] – The conversation shifts to where work ethic and drive came from for Jamie.
  • [05:55] – Jamie recounts childhood memories.
  • [07:27] – Jamie explains that he played sports as a kid but was not involved in organized sports because of his conservative religious family.
  • [09:02] – When asked about school Jamie recounts how he needed to see practical value in what was being taught for him to be engaged as a student.
  • [09:39] – Jamie talks about his early experiences of leadership in the family and at his church.
  • [15:00] – Jamie talks about his decision to not go to university and the choices he made after high school.
  • [17:55] – Jamie explains that being an entrepreneur and having an unwavering belief in one’s self and the business they are starting is not the norm. Most entrepreneurs are filled with self-doubt and often struggle with confidence, but they grind and that is what helps them succeed.
  • [20:11] – Validation is the key, don’t fall in love with your business idea to the point that you ignore whether other people want it and will pay for it.
  • [29:09] – Jamie tells the story of his first business failing and starting his second business which went on to be a remarkable success.
  • [41:02] – Jamie recounts the story of resisting his forty which included divorce, homelessness, drug addiction, and associating with criminals. Seeing everything in a moment of clarity changed Jamie’s life forever, he realized he needed to change at that moment and he did and has never looked back.
  • [51:18] – Jamie talks about his long-standing practice of reading books centered on a theme, 2018’s theme is psychology and emotion.
  • This podcast interview was originally aired on Resist Forty: Tales of Outliers and aired on February 19, 2018.

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