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Interviewing Jamie Irvine

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Thank you for your interest in having me on your podcast, I would love to be on your show.

I’m very committed to helping podcast hosts build their audiences by providing them with quality interviews. Prior to recording our interview, I will subscribe to your show and listen to a few episodes to get a feel for what you are looking for.

Conversely, thank you for helping me build my personal brand by providing me with the platform to speak publicly about subjects I am passionate about.

Podcast Appearances

I’ve been a guest on some of the best podcasts in the world.

They include but are not limited to EOFire, Contracting CoachcastUnshackled Owner, Sales Babble, Thriving Launch, and the Daily Grind Podcast

Requirements to be on your show

  1. I will require a WAV file of the podcast episode to upload directly to my website.
  2. In the show notes, I will require a direct link to my website, jamieirvine.ca.
  3. If you accept my gift for your audience, please plan to have a link created that will be redirected automatically to the web address I have provided.

The format should be www.yourwebsitedomain.com/gift-from-jamie redirected to my landing page www.jamieirvine.ca/gift.

The reason for this is that your audience can easily remember your domain.

Jamie Irvine’s Bio

Jamie Irvine has been a sales professional since 1997 and an entrepreneur since 2009. Today, Jamie specializes in teaching business leaders how to build a better business; a business with a leader that dreams, and has managers that lead, and employees that care. 

Choose a topic you would like to discuss on your podcast

1 Building a Systems-Centric Business

In 2009, I built my contracting business with a $700.00 initial investment and turned it into a multi-six figure business in 6 years. In 2015, I moved 1000 KMS (600 miles) away and the business continued to operate exactly as I had built it to operate. I eventually sold the business in 2016 for a great profit.

People want to know how I did that, so I have launched the Blueprint of Greatness, an e-learning school which provides courses and coaching.

2 Hiring with a Profile-First Approach

When building a team that integrates into a systems-centric business, there is a specific approach that I have used that has been very effective. This approach blends innovative business development systems with the science of personality profile assessment and has been proven to effectively win the talent war for thousands of businesses in every industry and vertical market.

3 B2B Sales Systems

B2B Sales is an area I have 20-years of experience in, I have managed millions of dollars in annual sales in the commercial vehicle industry. My success has been built on developing an inbound marketing program that aids in lead generation for B2C customers and implementing a B2B sales system that has been proven to close 90% of deals.

4 Removing Barriers and Fully Expressing Your Greatness

Jamie Irvine teaches people at every level in a business how to remove the emotional barriers to fully expressing their greatness, helping them to have breakthroughs and supporting them as they approach “THE MOMENT” where their greatness is fully expressed for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note the below answers to frequently asked questions:

  • I have a quality microphone, so audio quality should not be a problem
  • I have high-speed internet with excellent connectivity
  • I have used Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom and other programs to record interviews
  • I am on Mountain Standard Time (MST) and live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • I believe in a “Giver Gain” approach to doing business so I will be actively promoting your podcast

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