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The Blueprint of Personal Development

What is the Blueprint of Greatness?

Jamie Irvine is the founder of the Blueprint of Greatness.

The Blueprint of Greatness is at the heart of Jamie’s work and has been designed for self-employed people who own service-based businesses.

“There is a blueprint for greatness. A step-by-step process that anyone can follow to overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. The scope of that greatness is the only variable, all other things are universal.” – Jamie Irvine

The Blueprint of Greatness is all about teaching people how to remove the emotional barriers to fully expressing their greatness, helping them to have breakthroughs and supporting them as they approach “THE MOMENT” where their greatness is fully expressed for the first time.

It is at this MOMENT that people are in the position to take their businesses and lives to a level that they have only been dreaming about.

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