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Overcoming Drug Addiction

3 Key Points:

  1. Drug addiction was a result of moving away from home early in life and choosing the wrong friends.
  2. Drugs cause you to slowly lose who you are as a person.
  3. Breaking free of drugs involves abandoning all of the people you know that are involved in drugs and the entire way of life.

Show Notes:

  • [0:20] – Jamie started his career in sales in 1997 and an entrepreneur since 2009.
  • [0:40] – Jamie is now a business coach, speaker, and eLearning instructor that works with self-employed people who own service-based businesses. He specializes in helping men who struggle with expressing emotion.
  • [1:15] – Jamie made lots of mistakes early in life, people helped him recover so now he is motivated to help others.
  • [2:22] – Jamie left home at the early age of 17, moved across the country, life devolved into a life of drug addiction.
  • [3:10] – At one point was homeless, living in a warehouse and had a defining moment when a family member called him “pathetic” which was the nicest thing anyone could have said to him at that time.
  • [5:30] –  When you are addicted to drugs you find ways to destroy your life and you slowly lose who you are as a person.
  • [6:50] – Jamie had several moments of clarity but each time he failed to take necessary action to break free, finally, he broke free by abandoning all of the people he knew that were involved in drugs and the entire way of life.
  • [8:43] – “If you want to soar with eagles you can’t hang with turkeys!”
  • [9:10] – Jamie was willing to put the work in and that is why people helped him at just the right moment which had a compounding effect.
  • [11:08] – Jamie is not ashamed of his past, rather he is proud of his personal triumphant and feels that sharing his story has the power to help others.

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