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Making an Impact Is the Holy Grail

Every week I read BLOGS, listen to Podcasts, watch Videos, and engage on Social Media. I’m trying to learn how to have an impact.

Every week I create content that includes BLOGS, Videos, Emails, and Social Media Posts. I have also been a guest on Podcasts on average once a month for the last year. I’m trying to teach, I’m trying to connect, I’m trying to have an impact.

But, is that activity producing the results I am trying to achieve?

There is a case that this activity is actually not having the impact I am hoping for.

Why not?

To start with, Blogging, Podcasting, creating Videos and Social Media posts are easily replicated by millions of people, therefore, it does not have a particularly high value.

Additionally, no matter how focused we are on doing good in the world with inspiring messages, motivating images, and educational content we cannot escape the fact that underneath all of this is the desire to make money and be recognized. This creates a conflict of interest and taints the value of the content.

I think the mistake so many people make is that they start with blogging, podcasting, videos, and social media and then try to create something that is meaningful and will make an impact.

This is backward, the way to have an impact on people is to start with creating something that will make an impact on people’s lives and then find a way to distribute your impactful solution regardless of the financial return.

When you think about it the holy grail really is making an impact on people and yet so few ever actually achieve this lofty goal. Most people just contribute to the noise that makes it harder for those that are actually making an impact to reach the people who really need the help.

What differentiates the noisemakers from the difference makers?

Let’s look at three examples:

Tony Robbins – Transforms peoples lives through live events, books, and is the creator of the life coaching industry. Feeds millions of people every year.

Michael E Gerber – Transformed the state of small business worldwide and is the creator of the business coaching industry. Now operates the Dreaming Room, a one-of-a-kind incubator for entrepreneurs.

John Lee Dumas – Inspires and educates hopeful entrepreneurs with a consistent message broadcasted on his daily podcast. John is one of the pioneers of the daily podcast format.

In all three of these examples, I see people who developed something impactful first, then built it into a global brand that is more of a movement than a brand or company. They created a life-changing product that had the potential to impact millions of people’s lives and then they went about the work of actually changing peoples lives.

This is what I think most people want to achieve, I know I do! So, let’s make a commitment to producing something impactful and then let’s go to work on reaching millions of people’s lives.

The Blueprint of Greatness

The Blueprint of Greatness is my impactful work.

It represents my core belief system and my methodology that guides people to discover their blueprint to greatness, providing them with tools to remove barriers that they face, and it facilitates a moment in a person’s life when their greatness is fully expressed for the first time.

Join me in becoming difference makers in peoples lives and let’s find the holy grail together. Subscribe to my BLOG and join thousands of other greatness seekers by enrolling in one of the free courses I have created.

Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a sales consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.

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