Interviewing Jamie Irvine

Interviewing Jamie Irvine

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in interviewing me. I’m looking forward to talking with you about how I can provide value as a guest on your show.

I’m very committed to helping podcast hosts build their audiences by providing them with quality interviews. Conversely, thank you for helping me build my personal brand by providing me with the platform to speak publicly about subjects I am passionate about.

Podcast Appearances

As a guest on some of the best podcasts in the world, I know what it takes to please listeners while collaborating for a mutually beneficial show.

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To Be on Your Show:

  1. I would like a WAV or MP3 file of the podcast episode to upload directly to my podcast and promote your show.
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  3. Please connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. When you post about the episode make sure to tag me so that I can like and comment which improves the reach. 

Jamie Irvine’s Bio:

Jamie Irvine has been and done a lot of things which include; being raised in a high-control group, personally bankrupt, homeless and living in a warehouse, a drug addict, divorced twice, escaped death four times (the car accident, the motorcycle accident, the gun, the fall) and his first business failed in the first year. That would be the end of the story for most, but Jamie is a survivor and he rebuilt his life and his career. 

Today, Jamie has been happily married since 2006, he is the proud father of a brilliantly creative daughter, he successfully started a second business and in 6-short-years sold that business to a competitor, and Jamie is a leading podcast host, speaker, consultant, and business coach who specializes in the contracting and heavy-duty parts industry. 

Choose a topic you would like to discuss on your podcast:

My bio is filled with personal information that may not seem like it has a connection to the business subjects listed below but it is through those life lessons that I was able to find a path towards success.  It is my goal to share my story and inspire people to become the radiant spirit I know they can be. 

1. How to Start, Grow and Sell a Business

In 2009, I built my contracting business with a $700.00 initial investment and turned it into a multi-six figure business in 6 years. In 2015, I moved 1000 KMS (600 miles) away and the business continued to operate exactly as I had built it to operate. I eventually sold the business in 2016 for a great profit.

People want to know how I did that, so I host the Build a Better Business podcast where my guests and I share the secrets of starting, growing and selling a business.

2. Finding a Niche and Going for It

It took me a long time to discover that the fastest way to personal success in business is to find a niche that you can be dominant in. The Heavy-Duty Parts Report is my industry-leading podcast that serves the heavy-duty parts industry.  

By focusing on this niche I have become a leading podcast host, sales consultant, and business coach in the heavy-duty parts industry.

3. The One-70-One Marketing System

The One-70-One marketing system is a omni-channel content production and distribution system that will empower you to leverage the power of social to expand your reach, build a personal brand, and convert customers. 

4. Hiring with a Profile-First Approach

When building a team that integrates into a systems-centric business, there is a specific approach that I have used that has been very effective. This approach blends innovative business development systems with the science of personality profile assessment and has been proven to effectively win the talent war for thousands of businesses in every industry and vertical market.

5. Have Another Topic in Mind?

I would be happy to talk to you and find a way to collaborate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note the below answers to frequently asked questions:

  • I have a quality microphone, so audio quality should not be a problem
  • I have high-speed internet with excellent connectivity
  • I have used Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom and other programs to record interviews
  • I am on Mountain Standard Time (MST) and live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • I believe in a “Giver Gain” approach to doing business so I will be actively promoting your podcast

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