How to Write a Successful Sales Plan

3 Key Points:

  1. Understand the WHY behind the need for the sales plan.
  2. Set measurable goals with defined outcomes
  3. Take consistent action every day.

Show Notes:

  • [1:40] – Jamie is a Sales Account Manager and an Entrepreneur.
  • [6:15] – What are the elements of how to write a great sales plan?
  • [6:20] – Explain Why – First express the value of your sales plan. It’s important to understand the motivation for a sales plan. It will drive you to honor and follow the plan.
  • [7:40] – Set measurable goals with defined outcomes – Activities are not enough. The desired results must clear. Without defined outcomes, sales goals don’t help you. Start with the goal of closing the sale and work backward.
  • [9:33] – Establish a timeline – Pick a schedule that is challenging but doable.
  • [14:06] – Define your goals – Big goals, annual goals, and weekly to-do list goals to make this happen. Jamie uses a simple notepad. Breaks them up into alphabetical categories for precedence. Then numbers them 1 to 10 by importance.
  • [18:56] – “Keep it simple, because simple is hard enough.” – Owen Clark
  • [19:30] – Identity barriers to success –  Many times outside events are beyond your control. But you can learn how to deal with rejection and overcoming objections. That you can control.
  • [20:55] – Outline the strategy and get everyone on board.
  • [24:00] – Seek a commitment from all the stakeholders – all roles need to support sales.
  • This podcast interview was originally aired on Sales Babble and aired in 2017.

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