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A Complete Wheel End Solution with Ben McIvor of SKF

Learn why using one manufacturer’s product for your entire wheel end will lower your cost-per-mile by elongating your service interval and warranty coverage.

Episode 26: Most of the repair shops and fleets I have sold heavy-duty parts to have brand preferences. It is very common to see a fleet specifying one brand of wheel seal, another brand of bearing and pre-set hubs, a different brand again for spindle nut locking systems and hub caps.

Is there a company that does it all and what benefit comes from using one brand for all those parts?

To answer that question, I would like to introduce Ben McIvor, Sales Representative for SKF vis Specialty Sales, a sales agency that represents heavy-duty parts manufacturers.

SKF manufactures a complete wheel end solution that includes the bearing, the seal, the locking nut and the hub cap. When you combine these things together you elongate the service life and the warranty.

To learn more about all the products manufactured by SKF go to

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