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Focus on One Big Thing (3-minute read)

Do you want to accomplish big things with your life?

Focus on ONE THING at a time!

To illustrate why this is so important let me tell you the story of how this BLOG came into existence.

For many years I have wanted to build a digital business. My first successful business was a “brick and mortar” type service business with employees and equipment. On January 1st, 2016 we sold this business in a merger deal to Pure Pressure. Part of the deal was to provide support during the transition phase and I am part of the management team. I also took a full-time sales position with Artic Truck Parts & Service. So when I decided that it was time to launch this BLOG I already had a lot on my plate. Initially, I had a lot of ideas about what I could do. When I considered my abilities and experience coaching, consulting, public speaking, and podcasting were all real possibilities.

Why did I decide to focus on writing and a BLOG?

My process for deciding what I was going to focus on was simple. By sharing the step-by-step method I used, I hope it will inspire you to follow a similar path and find your ONE BIG THING.

  1. Collect research material about focusing on one thing. After spending some time on my libraries app site Hoopla, I came across Phil Howard Cooke’s book One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born To Do. This book was very easy to read, the concepts were clear, and it helped me to really understand the power behind focusing.
  2. Research Each Type of Work. Next, I took the time to do research on each type of work I was interested in possibly doing. I spoke to other coaches and consultants and asked them about what their day-to-day working life was like, what challenges they faced entering the business, the impact they were able to have, and what systems they used. When it came to public speaking and podcasting I was able to find many answers by just searching keywords like “how to be a public speaker” or “what equipment do I need for podcasting”.
  3. Did a self-analysis and was really honest. It really came down to two things, first I wanted to have an impact and start something that I could reach a lot of people with. Second, I didn’t want to take on anything that would jeopardize my family life or my career as a sales professional. I had to acknowledge that I had limits on how much effort, energy, and resources I could dedicate to this project.
  4. Created a formula. What I did next was to create a pro/con mathematical equation, instead of a pro/con list. Everything I added to either side, pro or con, had a value (Value for this exercise is defined as money, time, energy, return on investment and risk). In the end, writing a BLOG was the best fit for what I wanted to accomplish, represented the lowest risk to other aspects of my life, and created the most return on investment.

What has been the results of focusing on ONE BIG THING?

My BLOG was launched in late December of 2016, in the first 4 weeks I have reached over 700 people with my message, an article I wrote for Millionaire Digest was accepted for their magazine and I was interviewed by a podcast for entrepreneurs called That is pretty exciting for a month’s worth of work. In addition to that, by focusing on writing alone I discovered that had I tried to layer those other things like coaching, consulting, public speaking, or podcasting into what I was doing I would have failed. The workload would have been too much, my sales career would have suffered, my business would have suffered, my family would have suffered and ultimately I don’t think I would have had the impact I have had so quickly.

If you need help focusing on one big thing I highly recommend that you read Phil Howard Cooke’s book One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born To Do and visit his website for other resources.




Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a sales consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.

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