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Emotions are Your Guide to Greatness

The work I have been doing at the Blueprint of Greatness has helped me to see the importance of emotions in achieving greatness.

What we have found is that of the three types of barriers that hold people back, internal unconscious barriers are the most prolific in preventing men from fully expressing their greatness. 

So, you can imagine a man who has great difficulty expressing emotion trying to function in relationships and in society as a whole. Totally unaware of why he is struggling, but struggling none the less.

The reality is that in business and life we are governed by our emotions. We make emotional decisions and we justify those emotionally charged decisions with rational justification.

Men who struggle to express emotions are often at a disadvantage as they try to navigate our progressive world. They are as a group being left behind by progressive men and empowered women. That is good for progressive men and empowered women but is very bad for men who struggle with expressing their emotions.

What is the solution?

Clearly, the solution is not for society to regress. Therefore, the only solution is to educate and help men who struggle with emotion to develop the ability to not only express emotion in a healthy way but to use their emotions as a guide to greatness.

Emotion as a Guide to Greatness

At the Blueprint of Greatness, we believe that in order for each person to fully express their individual greatness they must remove the barriers that exist.

Those barriers fall into three categories:

  1. External Barriers
  2. Internal Conscious Barriers
  3. Internal Unconscious Barriers

In order to find the blueprint of greatness, you have to not only identify what step-by-step process is required for you to take, but you also have to wrestle with the monumental challenge of removing these barriers.

Make no mistake, trying to deal with external barriers that you have no control over, addressing the internal barriers you are aware of, and uncovering your unconscious barriers is hard work.

In order to accomplish this, it is essential that you balance your mind, heart, body, and soul. Your heart is the place I believe your emotions metaphorically reside and therefore if you are a man that is struggling to express your emotions, you are going to find that you are unable to get past this barrier, and therefore your greatness is severely inhibited.

The cost to society is absolutely ridiculous.

Men who struggle with expressing emotion conservatively make up half of all men on the planet, therefore we could generally conclude that this makes up 25% of the population or 2 Billion people.


2 Billion people who are not living up to their full potential.

2 Billion people who are not fully expressing their emotions and using those emotions as a guide to be the absolutely, wonderfully, amazing, GREAT men they should be!

That means they are not living up to their full potential as fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. They are not living up to their full potential as businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

What problems could we solve in the world if just a few more men got in touch with their emotions and learned how to use those emotions as a guide to greatness?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I have dedicated my professional life to developing real solutions that solve this very real problem. As I create educational content and provide coaching services to this group of people I ask that you support my efforts by simply sharing the content I produce and encouraging the men in your life to reach out to us.

You can learn more at the Blueprint of Greatness, which will provide you with professional and personal development courses and you can subscribe to our list for the latest information on our educational products and coaching services.


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My name is Jamie Irvine and I have been a Sales Professional since 1997 and an Entrepreneur since 2009.

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