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What Having a Business Coach Means to Me by Deanna Goodson

Contributed by Deanna Goodson | Deanna’s Professional Web Site

My name is Deanna Goodson and I am a relatively new life coach. I work with bariatric patients and emotional overeaters but I am happy to take anyone who is willing and motivated to make lasting change in their lives. 

I am open and willing to whatever the universe sees fit to provide me with. I am very happy with the clients I currently have and am working towards my International Coaching Certification (ICF). I plan to finish in 2019 after I work with a mentor coach, who happened to be my teacher at Rhodes Wellness College in Canada. I would happily recommend their program to any aspiring or current coach. They have a fantastic and relatively inexpensive certificate program. It’s intensive and you learn a lot about yourself, but it’s so worth it.

Now enough about me.

What do business coaches do for me?

Well, I have several business coaches. One is actually a bariatric life coach. He was once 600 lbs. and is now about 180. He’s an amazing man and I’m grateful that he agreed to work with me. For example, he gave me the following tips about my business, which I have been happy to implement in my business. So glad he’s my business coach.

These tips include:

  • Andy, that’s his name, suggested that I show up more authentically on my personal Facebook page. He pointed out that people, as I grow in reputation will look to my personal page often so I need to be more mindful of what I post. I’m still going to ‘do me’, but more toned down. Message received.
  • He also encouraged me to post Facebook live videos regularly to my coaching pages. I have two. They are Deanna Goodson and Un-Adulting. Un-Adulting is a passion project of mine. It’s how I cope without food as a bariatric patient. I do childhood activities that give me joy and help me de-stress. I know do videos once a week on Mondays after our sessions.
  • He’s given me some great inspirational books to read, just like my other life coach, Clay. I find them insightful and helpful and learn a great deal from them.
  • Andy and I have also come to support each other along the way, just like Clay and I. So, having a business coach is also like having an ally. They’re in your corner, helping you along the way. Knowing that I’m not alone is so helpful.

Basically, having a business coach or coaches will really help you take your business to the next level. I’m already seeing results and I’m just starting out. I know Jamie Irvine and I believe that he can help you get to the next place in your business. At least look through his website. Heck, even a free consultation call with him wouldn’t hurt.

Deanna Goodson is a guest-contributor on and is a life coach and writer. She works primarily with emotional overeaters and bariatric patients but has a solid background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media with over 15 years of experience in the field. She is also passionate about coaching in general and has several business coaches herself. Her first self-help book is in the works, but it won’t be her last. Visit Deanna’s site.

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