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The Blueprint of Creating a Business That Supports Your Life Goals

Written by Jamie Irvine | 3.5-minute read

Your over-arching life goals will become the blueprint that will guide you, help you remove barriers and fully express your greatness. With this blueprint clearly in place, you can shift your attention to building a business that supports your life goals.

This is a critical time in the evolution of your business and your entrepreneurial journey. This is where most entrepreneurs get it wrong and end up chasing a nightmare disguised as a dream!

Why is it important?

The average self-employed person with a service-based business is what Michael E. Gerber calls a “Master Technician” and they are very good at what they do. They are plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, mechanics, web designers, sales professionals, marketers, advertisers, authors, bloggers and the list goes on and on.

To build a great business you need to be what I call a “Master Entrepreneur” not a “Master Technician!” You need to be proficient at running a business, not doing the work your service-based business does.

When you add the personal component, the fact that most self-employed people with service-based businesses started their businesses to provide themselves with a job, the entire focus of the business is on the owner. The business exists to provide the owner with a job, to meet the needs of the owner, and to make the owner’s dreams come true.

“What’s wrong with that?”, you might ask.


While you need to have over-arching life goals for your personal life your business needs to have a primary aim that has nothing to do with you. If you build your business with only you in mind you will be chasing an entrepreneurial nightmare disguised as a dream and in the end, you will be left with nothing but a job that ends the minute you stop or cannot continue to work.

It sounds counter-intuitive but by building a business that makes someone else’s dreams come true you automatically make your dreams and your over-arching life goals assured. By building your business for your customers, employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors you build a business that will give you the platform to support your over-arching life goals.

What is the blueprint?

So, how do you do it?

How do you build a business that meets the needs of your customers, employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors and ultimately supports your life goals?

  1. Establish a Primary Aim – Your business must exist for a reason that is greater than to just provide you with a job. It must deliver something of value to your customers, employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors.
  2. Focus on Producing a Predictable Result – The best way to provide value is to do the common things your business does in an uncommon way. By producing this uncommon result predictably you create enormous value for everyone who interacts with your business.
  3. Create Systems – The only way to produce something uncommon in a predictable way is to develop simple systems that anyone can follow. My favorite method is to create checklists using Process Street.
  4. Understand How to Scale – Once you develop a systems-centric business model that produces a predictable result you can start to scale your business. To scale your business you must replicate what you built the first time. One becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight…

You can build a great business using this blueprint. A business that has a Primary Aim focused on your customers, employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors. A business that does what it was designed to do and ultimately supports your over-arching life goals.

Let’s talk about building a business that supports your life goals.

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Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a sales consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.

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