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Could You Start a Business with $700?

Starting a business with $700

 I started my dream business in 2009 and all of a sudden…

Tens of thousands of dollars was just gone. I only had $700 left. My family was at risk, I owed $1200 for rent in two weeks.  I was angry at my foolishness and my arrogance, “why did I think I could be an entrepreneur?”

During this time I learned something very powerful: “When you are being pushed down a path you didn’t expect you can still find greatness.”

I had to let go of my dream to take care of my family.  With only one option left I spent my last $700 and started a new business. To take care of my family I traded in my dream of being a consultant. I put on my work clothes and became a contractor.

As I became more proficient at my new contracting business I saw an opportunity. Very few competitors had a real business, they were sole proprietors who basically owned their job.

So, I put the entrepreneur and business consultant in me to work for my business.  I hired people, created systems, and turned my $700 into a multi-six figure business, and then sold it for a great profit.

Now I get to do everything I hoped to do when I launched my first business and more.

If you find yourself being forced down a path you didn’t expect ask yourself: “Where is the opportunity for greatness?”

What is a great business?

A great business is a business that produces predictable results, operates independently of its owner, scales, and can be sold for a profit.

To develop a great business, you need to understand the core principles of creating a business development system that not only makes your business work but that can be replicated 1000’s of times if you choose to.

Included in this business development system is a cultural development system that guides you and guarantees that your business, although systems-centric (a business that has a set of documented systems that explain how to do every repeatable function) never loses sight of the human side of doing business. It is at this intersection of systems and people that the magic happens, which isn’t really magic at all.

Jerry Rice said, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

In sports and life, this is so true. In business, it is very much the same situation.

The business owner that commits to doing today what other business owners won’t, gets to own tomorrow a business that no other owner can produce.

The business owner that creates a vision, develops a strategic plan to make that vision a reality, sets high standards for themselves and everyone that interacts with the business, and does all this using a business and cultural development system that works, appear to be magic to everyone else.

When it isn’t magic at all, it’s just so uncommon.

The Blueprint of a Great Business

The Blueprint of a Great Business is a course I designed for entrepreneurs. It is the first course at our new school the Blueprint of Greatness.

This school for entrepreneurs finds its foundation in a core belief, that there is a blueprint for greatness that can be applied to any aspect of business and life.

“There is a blueprint for greatness. A step by step process that anyone can follow to overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. The scope of that greatness is the only variable, all other things are universal.” – Jamie Irvine 

Who takes this course?

Our students are people who dream about achieving great things in their life.

People who despite all that they have suffered are still believers that if they can find the path they are willing to take the journey. They are people that are willing to do the work necessary to achieve greatness but are lacking the knowledge required to know what to do.

They are people who are frustrated and looking for something, they often don’t know what it is, but they know that when they find it that is all that is necessary.

What does the course teach?

To build a great business as we stated before, you need to create a business that produces a consistent result for your customers, your employees, your suppliers, your lenders, your investors, and finally for you the business owner.

To build a great business you need a blueprint, that blueprint must include every aspect of your business.

The Blueprint of a Great Business helps you lead and manage, it answers questions about your brand and how your business markets and sells, and it guides you in making operational and financial decisions.

It is the step by step process of taking “raw materials” and building a “structure” with a blueprint that will become your great business.

A great business is a business that produces predictable results, operates independently of its owner, scales, and can be sold for a profit.

Is that the kind of business you want to own?

What are you waiting for?

Enroll in the course today and you will receive:

  1. The blueprint I used to build a multi-six figure business with only $700
  2. The first two lessons of the course as a gift, we call this the Free Edition
  3. A special price if you buy the Complete Edition today, use coupon code BLOG when you check out.

Enroll today in the Blueprint of a Great Business

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Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a sales consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.

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