16 – What’s Your Business Worth | Adam Fenner

16 – What’s Your Business Worth | Adam Fenner

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Don’t get focused on only the revenue your business produces, look at what profit your business earns.
  2. Be realistic about what you are selling when selling your company.
  3. What your business produces when you are on holidays is a good measure of what your business is worth.

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Searching For A Voice- Unleashing the Power of Self-Expression

Contributed by Kyle Vine | Poetry Ghost

Do you have a voice in your writing? If someone read the text message you just sent, would their mind read it in your voice?

Anyone can write well, whether it`s a text message to your Mom or a heartfelt romantic card. In order for it to be special though, one element must be present: your voice! It`s the sound that comes out while you read those words and the thing that tells your brain what to imagine. keep reading »