Jamie Irvine chats with Shane Karolyi and Trevor Norton on Resist Forty: Tales of Outliers

Practical Business Advice from Someone Who Has Lived It

3 Key Points:

  1. Education is very valuable, but you must connect practical value to what you are learning.
  2. One secret of entrepreneurial success is to be a grinder.
  3. Validation is a critical component to ensure that you do not fall in love with a business idea that no one will care about or buy.

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Examining the Competition

Written by Jamie Irvine | 3-minute read

We all have more competition then we would like.

What role can our competition play in our businesses long-term success?

It sounds like a funny question but let me tell you about a real strategy that can transform your business, I call it “Examining the Competition.” keep reading »

Talking to Potential Customers First

Written by Jamie Irvine | 4-minute read

Once you have established your over-arching life goals, designed a business model that will support your goals, and determined what differentiates your business from the competition it’s time to validate what you intend to sell to your customers.

This validation process should be done prior to starting a business but it can also be done after you have already launched your business. keep reading »