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An Interview with Profile Performance Systems

3 Key Points:

  1. Not understanding your personality can cause problems when running a business.
  2. Understanding the connection between personality traits and behaviors is essential.
  3. Using a profile-first approach can transform your business.

Show Notes:

  • [0:38] Picked 2009 to launch first business, was trying to do what entrepreneurs are “supposed to do”, some things worked, and some things did not work.
  • [1:22] When things weren’t working felt ashamed.
  • [1:58] So many things that need to be done and it is all on you.
  • [2:42] Understood intellectually what role a personality profile is but didn’t fully understand the connection to behaviors.
  • [3:32] Restructured my role and as team grew used the profile-first approach.
  • [4:17] Transformation from being ashamed to pride and excitement.
  • [4:50] Future was now bright.
  • [5:12] Built the company and sold it, now building a new business.

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