About Jamie

About Jamie

A message from Jamie

My name is Jamie Irvine, my goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

How will I accomplish this?

  • I will use my personal development experience to teach you how to build a great life. I’m truly passionate about teaching people how to remove the three types of barriers that prevent them from fully expressing their individual greatness.
  • I will use my entrepreneurial and business experience to teach you how to build a great business. I love teaching people how to transform their experience in business from frustration to greatness.

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you soon.

To your success,

Jamie Irvine Business Coaching and Training

I’m the CEO of Jamie Irvine International, a business specializing in coaching and training self-employed people who own service-based businesses.

I have added my voice to the global conversation about business, leadership, and sales by speaking to hundreds of thousands of people on world-class podcasts. Listen to my podcast interviews.

I have created courses in business, leadership, sales, branding, and personal development and coached many people to personal and professional greatness. I’m also an entrepreneur who has launched 3 of my own businesses and have helped launch 6 successful businesses for other people.

Jamie Irvine’s Career

My career started in 1997 when I took my first job selling high-end suits to wealthy business people. My sales career has spanned over 20-years and I have worked in retail, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing.

In 2008, I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I launched a consulting business at the beginning of 2009 with a business partner, but the business ultimately failed. I learned more from that business failure than many of the successes I have had. You can listen to my story on the Unshackled Owner.

Later that year, I launched a contracting business, from a start-up in 2009 to a successful sale in 2016. It was an amazing experience to build a company that employed a fantastic group of loyal employees and serviced a diverse customer base. I’m very proud of the marketing work our team did that resulted in over $300,000 in online sales over a 2-year period.

My experience doesn’t just come from my work, I am a student of many subjects including; entrepreneurship, business development, leadership, personality profiling, psychology, professional sales, marketing, and personal development. I have completed entrepreneurial training from Michael E. Gerber, and sales training from the Banff Academy of Business and Brian Tracy.

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