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Six Attributes of Elite Leaders with Jon Markwardt

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. In order to have growth in a business, you must care about your people and help them to grow.
  2. Trust and communication are foundational parts of elite leadership.
  3. Communication impacts people’s attitudes toward your leadership.

Show Notes:


Welcome to episode 83, today we are going to go deep on what it takes to become an elite leader.

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Bio of Today’s Guest

My guest is Jon Markwardt, who is the author of the series: The Grass Is Browner on the Other Side. Jon’s business books are different because he combines stories from his travels with education about business topics. We’ll be discussing his latest release on leadership. For this book, he traveled through twelve countries, interviewed three elite leaders and found his future wife along the way. It’s a fantastic read, and I’m excited to have him on the show.

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Key Take Away

The key takeaway from today’s episode is that you need to develop all six attributes of elite leadership to be successful. These six attributes are Growth/Care, Trust, Attitude, Preparation, Communication, and Urgency.

Next Episode

Next episode we are going to continue the Build a Better Business – Managers That Lead three-part mini-series with an in-depth discussion about why people are the way they are, how to help them develop their strengths while understanding their weaknesses, and how to learn to work around those weaknesses.

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