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How to be a Better Writer with Susan Baracco

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Write every day to develop your skillset.
  2. Brilliant ideas can flow from your writing habit.
  3. Writing regularly can help people to get to know you and your business.

Show Notes:

Today, we say goodbye to The Jamie Irvine Podcast and hello to Build a Better Business with Jamie Irvine. It is with great pleasure that I air the first episode of the totally rebranded podcast.

Bio of Today’s Guest (4:28)

Susan brings the skills of a writer, editor, project manager and executive coach to her role as Story Architect for Women. She is a passionate advocate for women and believes that putting their stories into words is a powerful tool for change. Susan is also available to help men upon request.

Blueprint for Success (7:09)

Susan meditates every day for a minimum of 10-minutes a day. Susan builds her personal network by reaching out to someone new every day and she reads 5-pages a day to expand her knowledge-base.

Facing Barriers and Removing Them (10:02)

The barriers Susan has faced are all internal, she has experienced doubt and Imposter Syndrome. Susan found that reaching out for help was the solution. She recommends coaches, masterminds, accountability partners, and mentors.

Fully Express Greatness by Celebrating Success (14:11)

Susan would like to just take a day off and she promises that she will!!!

Advice for Your Younger Self (15:54)

“Don’t hesitate and don’t wait!”

Teaching Moment (19:12)

  1. The most important thing you need to know is that writing is like any other habit, it takes time to develop your writing muscles, the more you do it the better you will become.
  2. This will help you build a better business because it gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise and allows people to get to know you which will truly help you to grow your business.

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