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Core Values Drive Growth with Shane Spiers

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Be disciplined in how you schedule and use your time.
  2. You cannot set organizational values you can only discover them.
  3. Becoming a better manager and leader makes you a better spouse and parent.

Show Notes:

Bio of Today’s Guest (1:29)

Shane Spiers is a Business Scaling Strategist with a 25-year track record of leading 7, 8 & 9-figure rapid growth companies. He now helps successful 7-figure entrepreneurs scale and speeds their growth to 8-figures by implementing his Summit SCALE. The principles he teaches are applicable to all businesses.

Their Blueprint for Success (4:42)

Shane is very disciplined how he schedules and uses his time.

The Barriers They Have Faced and How They Removed Them (9:40)

Shane thought that because of all his corporate experience he was going to launch a consultant business and that it was going to be easy. He quickly learned that he would have to work harder and smarter than he initially expected. He also realized that he was going to need systems to help him create a real business.

Fully Express Greatness by Celebrating Success (11:45)

Shane often finds himself looking to the next challenge. Celebrating success is a challenge but Shane goes on to tell the story of a moment of greatness during the financial crisis in 2009. To celebrate he went to a rugby match.

Advice for Your Younger Self (15:28)

“Be more of yourself and don’t let others tell you who you ought to be.”

Teaching Moment (17:51)

  1. The most important thing you need to know is that you cannot set organizational values, you can only discover them.
  2. This helps you make more money because it drives consistency in execution and this creates organizational clarity which speeds up organizational decision making.
  3. The effect it can have on your personal life is that it deeply changes how you are a manager and a leader which directly affects how you are as a spouse and parent.

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