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5 Steps to Transform Your B2B Sales Results (4-minute read)

As a sales professional in the B2B sales role, you are responsible for growing your territory and reaching sales quotas year-after-year. If you have not been reaching your sales goals then I recommend that you use this sales article to help you transform your results.

These 5 steps will transform your sales results as a B2B sales professional!

Step 1 – Understand your personality 

You have a personality profile that was formed during childhood and was solidified at approximately age 18. Your 4 grandparents and 2 parents passed their personalities to you genetically and your environment growing up shaped the raw genetic code you inherited.

Your personality allows you to be very good at some things and prevents you from doing other things over a long period of time. You must understand your personality profile. Please contact Dennis Blond of Concord Consulting for more information about the Pro.file Performance System, an assessment, and an explanation of your personality profile as it relates to your sales position.

Step 2 – Develop a Sales System

Now that you have a good understanding of what your personality profile will allow you to do and not do as a sales professional you are in a better position to develop a sales system that will help you to have success and create sales growth.

The sales system that I use is not very complex, accentuates the strengths of my personality profile, and insulates me from my weaknesses. My system comprises of the following elements:

  • CRM Software that allows me to update progress using my smartphone in real-time, this means no more need to spend hours updating at the office or hotel room
  • An alpha-numeric system to rate the value of my activities, this system allows me to assign the same value to an annual goal and the subsequent monthly and weekly to-do’s that support reaching that goal
  • A system for inviting, scheduling, and working collaboratively with suppliers and manufacturers sales representatives
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s quarterly, some of my KPI’s include how many product demos’s I do, how many proposals I submit and the win/loss ratio, and how many sales calls I make
  • Sales scripts for Appointment Presentations, Initial Interviews, Needs Analysis Discussions, and Solutions Presentations
  • Playing sales defense; which includes servicing top existing customers to ensure they continue to be top customers

Step 3 – Develop a Culture of Outcomes

Everything we do as sales professionals should be centered on achieving outcomes. Sending a follow-up email or leaving a voicemail with a prospect is not an outcome. Converting a prospect to a customer that purchases a product is an outcome.

Don’t fall into the trap of setting goals like “do eight sales calls a day” or “send fifteen introductory emails”. Rather set goals like “sell $10000.00 of a product to this customer” and then do whatever it takes to achieve that outcome. It may take 100 emails, 50 phone calls, and 20 in-person sales calls.

Step 4 – Maintain a Healthy Positive Viewpoint

You are not a bad person because you lost a sale or a prospect rejected your proposal. If you are doing everything you can to achieve an outcome and the customer fails to respond you must separate your customer’s actions from your self-worth.

“You must separate your customer’s actions from your self-worth.” – Jamie Irvine

Wayne Gretzky said “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” and I believe that this is a wonderful metaphor for taking action. Despite being the Great One, Wayne missed a lot of shots and he even made a mistake that cost his team a playoff series.

Check out this video and note who turned over the puck at the (1.50-minute mark of the video), you guessed it, Wayne Gretzky!

You are going to make mistakes and you won’t win every time but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a sales professional who is striving to be a great performer. The results in your job also are not correlated to your value as a human being. Maintain a healthy positive viewpoint and “take every shot” you can.

Step 5 – Develop a Habit of Learning

This world we live in is changing at an exponential rate. Humans for thousands of years have been developing in a linear direction. We have never faced exponential change like what we have been experiencing in the last couple decades and will continue to experience over the next few decades.

In order for us to maintain relevancy, be in a position to contribute, and preserve our earning capabilities we as sales professionals need to learn. In the last 4 months, I have read 17 books about business, sales, and life. My goal for this year is to read 30 books in total but I believe that I can exceed that goal and actually read 50. In addition to the books I have read, I also have read hundreds of articles, and listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts.

This year I have also learned how to use three new apps and one new software program that have made me more efficient at my job. Despite all that work I honestly feel very much behind. Things like Artifical Intelligence, API’s, Social Selling, Mergers/Acquisitions, Data-Driven Sales Performance, Human Psychology, and Personality Profile Assessments (to list just a few) are still very much a “work in progress” for me.

The point is this if you are not learning every day you are falling behind!

In Conclusion

The sales profession, especially B2B sales careers, is a very rewarding, honorable profession and deserves our very best efforts. Nothing in our economy happens until a sale is made. All business stems from sales.

“Sales is the engine of every business and marketing is the fuel of that engine!” – Jamie Irvine

If you want to become a true B2B sales professional and excel at your job then I encourage you to continue to learn about yourself, the world around you and focus on achieving outcomes, not just activity. This healthy positive attitude will steer you in the right direction!

Thank you for reading this article, please share it with your social network, follow the blog so you don’t miss any new articles, and feel free to comment as well. You can contact me by going to the Contact Page.

Author: Jamie Irvine

My name is Jamie Irvine and I have been a Sales Professional since 1997 and an Entrepreneur since 2009.

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