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How to be a Better Marketer with Jay Ludgrove

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Focus on developing yourself, your employees, and your company.
  2. The marketplace is hungry for content, so it is important to produce content consistently.
  3. Repurposing your content to for text, voice, and video is a great way to leverage your content creation time and return on investment.

Show Notes:

An Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur (1:47)

Jay Ludgrove is the co-founder and Managing Director of GLProUK an international podcast production and digital marketing agency. Jay loves to work with businesses and podcasters all over the world allowing them to create engaging content easily and to help them to speak directly to their audience.

* Please note that for the Blueprint, Barriers, and Greatness sections we are testing a new transcribing service. Please let us know what you think of it!

Find Your Blueprint (2:30)

Jay said, “Well, Jamie, I guess one of the things I really try and focus on is the development of myself and development of the company and the people within the company. I really think if you are learning consistently then you can achieve, greatness essentially. If you’re constantly looking at the analytics of your business, of your marketing, of your sales or in any part of your business, if you’re looking at how things are performing and looking for weak points or bottlenecks, then you’re going to be able to hopefully eradicate them. But also, you’re going to develop and grow as a company and as people.”

Remove Your Barriers (6:07)

Jay said, “I think probably the biggest barrier for us has been, as individuals and as a business, is gaining experience and knowledge. A lot of us have come from other industries to work in digital marketing or podcasting. And the real challenge has been, what do you look for most when employing someone, do you look for a wealth of experience or do you look for someone who can fit into your culture? We’ve always been huge on the culture of the company and wanting everyone to kind of have that singular focus or at least an interest in the singular focus.”

Fully Express Your Greatness (8:39)

Jay said, “So, for me, and I’m sure that the team will agree, the moment I really felt that we were moving to that stage of like, you know, we’re here, we’ve done it, was when I could stop micromanaging everybody. We were a very small team originally. As I said, no one was necessarily skilled in that specific industry. We had producers who had worked in audio production but not necessarily podcasting. We had salespeople who had never worked in marketing previously. So, the first year or two of our business was a struggle for us all because, unfortunately, I was having to drive the business a lot as well as the development within the team. So, I was probably too involved in everybody’s life and I’m sure they’ll all agree that it was so much easier after about 18 months when I could step away from that and what’s the teams manage themselves.”

Advice for Your Younger Self (11:29)

“I would have started earlier.”

Teaching Moment (13:55)

Take a piece of content that you have already created and repurpose it for other platforms.

Set yourself up with a content creation day to get ahead on your content creation schedule.

Write a blog, record it as a podcast, and then film a video using the original piece of content as the outline for the different platforms.

Contact Jay: Website

How to Make More Money (26:33)

This is where it’s time to act on what you have already learned.

This week I want you to create one piece of content in written form as a blog post. I want you to repurpose this content in three ways:

  • As a LinkedIn Article
  • Record a Live Video of You Reading It (YouTube, FB, IGTV)
  • A Facebook Longform Post

Tag me in the post @jamielirvine so I can see the work you are doing.

Family First (27:43)

This concept of creating content and repurposing it made me think of an effective strategy that parents have been using for thousands of years.

Entertaining stories or fables that have a practical lesson.

The next time that your children are acting up or need your attention I would like you to combine the power of storytelling that illustrates a point.

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