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Suicide Survivor is My Brand with Logan Tyler Nelson

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Consistently reach out to people of influence and build your network in a positive way by expressing appreciation for the contribution those people have made for you personally.
  2. Avoid the poison of losing your identity by attaching so much importance to what you are doing instead of who you are.
  3. Don’t be afraid to inject what you are emotional about into your personal brand.

Show Notes:

An Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur (1:44)

Logan Tyler Nelson is the founder of Build Your Brand and he’s also the creator of the Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast. Logan graduated with a Bachelor Fine Arts in Acting from NIU. Logan equips people with the tools necessary to live with compassion and curiosity.  Logan is a suicide survivor and he shares his powerful testimony globally.

Find Your Blueprint (2:33)

Logan believes that your habits predict your future. Each week he spends time reflecting, recording his thoughts, exercising regularly, and knowing when to take a break.

“If you’re going to work hard you’re going to need to rest hard.”

Professionally, Logan sends notes of appreciation to people who are influencing the world in a positive way. This helps him to build his professional network.

Remove Your Barriers (8:23)

Logan lost his identity because he attached too much importance to what he was doing (pursuing being an actor) and not enough importance on who he is as a person. This led to jumping off a parking garage in a suicide attempt.

Logan overcame this barrier by reaching out and asking for help from people he respected and who was able to help him.

Fully Express Your Greatness (15:26)

Recently, Logan has been getting clients into the business that he loves, podcasts and podcast guest placement.

Advice for Your Younger Self (17:33)

“The way you think you are being perceived is not always the way you are being perceived.”

Teaching Moment (19:29)

Branding is about being yourself. It is important to show who you really are, and that vulnerability can be the thing that changes everything for you. By understanding what your brand stands for the right people are attracted to it so don’t be afraid to inject what you are emotional about into your brand and then tactically communicate that to the marketplace.

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