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AI and the Future of Sales with Jeff Koser

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Appreciate your people and create growth opportunities for them.
  2. Don’t be the bottleneck in your business.
  3. Find AI that is useful by following the three criteria in the teaching moment.

Show Notes:

 An Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur (1:27)

Jeff is the spirited founder and CEO of Selling to Zebras (STZ). STZ is the software company that helps organizations sell more. The Selling to Zebras software platform helps to start each sales engagement in a better place.

Find Your Blueprint (1:55)

“Appreciating and creating a growth opportunity for your people is the blueprint for success in business.”

Remove Your Barriers (4:03)

Initially, Jeff was the bottleneck that was restricting his business from growing because of the unique nature of the work they did. Creating a training program so others could follow the system was a major barrier.

Fully Express Your Greatness (8:07)

Jeff invested in a summer home that his family could enjoy together.

Teaching Moment (16:26)

Marketing is attempting to create messaging which is tailored for each individual customer and use drip campaigns to soften the prospect up. The problem is the email campaigns are so good that they all become “white noise” and we ignore them.

Account-based marketing is not working, therefore, you must know the prospect intimately and you need to contact them 17 times with an intelligent well-crafted message that gets progressively better as time goes on before an executive will respond.

Using AI is critical to accomplishing this, and the AI must do three things to be effective:

First, it must identify perfect prospects and then find more of those.

Second, it must help the seller do critical research to identify critical business issues that you can solve.

Three, it must develop a business case that demonstrates the value of the solution.

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