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The Power of Masterminds with Ronan Leonard

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Masterminds are what small business owners are often missing.
  2. Finding other people that can show you the path is the difference between success and failure.
  3. Working collaboratively with your suppliers creates a mastermind between you, your suppliers, and your customers and this has been a secret weapon of mine for the last 21 years in business.

Show Notes:

 An Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur (1:33)

Without a co-founder or a business coach, solopreneurs are often overwhelmed, and they need impartial advice to get the right support to help them achieve clarity and better results. I wanted to interview someone who is an authority on masterminds and I am so happy that Ronan Leonard agreed to come on the show.

 Ronan connects small business owners to support groups through the innovative concept of virtual Masterminds.

Find Your Blueprint (2:17)

It’s all about collaboration and having a growth mindset. In a small business, you have to find as many people as possible to champion you.

“A rising tide lifts all ships, you can either have a fixed mindset and think everyone is against you or you can find ways to work with even your competitors.”

Remove Your Barriers (4:50)

Ronan sold everything and put it all into his business and after one-year, he only had one low paying customer.

When he was at his breaking point he got help from someone who taught him SEO. Within two weeks he had another customer and he was on his way.

“Finding other people that can show you the path is the difference between success and failure.”

Fully Express Your Greatness (7:23)

At his first event after successfully completing the event, Ronan sat by himself in a garden at 2:00am with a glass of wine and enjoyed the moment.

Advice for Your Younger Self (14:46)

Get as much help as possible, collaborate with more people, look outside of your industry, and be more open to learning new things.

Teaching Moment (16:50)

The concept isn’t new, it was coined by Napoleon Hill in the 1930’s, by bringing people together you create a super-mind by bringing all of the individual minds together. Masterminds is what most people are missing in small business.

Contact Ronan:

Website | How to Create Your Business Why Statement | DOT System

How to Make More Money (26:58)

Collaborative selling with your suppliers.

This is a concept that some people have a challenging time understanding, suppliers and customers alike, but has been the secret to my success as sales professional for the last 21 years and an entrepreneur for coming up 10 years.

Here is how it works: Joint sales work or joint marketing can be done between you and your supplier. This creates a mastermind between you, your suppliers, and your customers.

Family First (29:32)

In business, I am the boss. What about at home?

The reality is that each family member has a role to play and depending on what is going on my wife and I take the lead at different times. A mastermind approach within the family can be very helpful. We have even included extended family in the process and my mother-in-law loves it when I give her the opportunity to express her opinion about our lives. 

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