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Create Packages That Sell with Heather Havenwood

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Do everything there is to do which will strengthen your clarity and reduce confusion.
  2. Your greatest barrier can open the door to your greatest success.
  3. Create packages that sell with a one-two approach to marketing and structuring your offering.

Show Notes:

An Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur (1:26)

Named by The Huffington Post as one of the “Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs, Heather Havenwood is regarded as a top authority on digital marketing and online business sales strategies and today Heather is going to give you the step by step process she has used multiple times to create 7-figure businesses.

Find Your Blueprint (2:07)

Do everything there is to do. What that comes down to is doing things that strengthen your clarity and avoid things that contribute to confusion.

Remove Your Barriers (5:17)

Heather faced the barrier of sexism in business! She is an attractive woman and she has had people say things to her like, “you should be barefoot and pregnant at home in the kitchen” or “get us some coffee and show me who is in charge” which obviously is very difficult. Heather doesn’t fit the mold.

Fully Express Your Greatness (9:43)

Heather is like most entrepreneurs, she has a challenging time celebrating, but her first considerable success was in the corporate world which led her to entrepreneurship. Again, she did not fit the mold of an outside salesperson, but she was able to get the job, and she became the number one salesperson in the entire country. She was then fired! If it wasn’t for this experience Heather would not have become an entrepreneur.

Advice for Your Younger Self (13:27)

Don’t listen to anyone and don’t look for approval from other people.

“You don’t really win until you have haters!” – Heather Havenwood

Teaching Moment (16:16)

Create packages that sell with a one-two approach:

  1. Set up an incredible offer at a reduced price.
  2. Create an upsell offer with an amazing value that you can sell for higher profits.

The key to this approach is that you will not make a profit on the initial offer, that revenue is the amount you can spend on marketing to attract more ideal clients.

Contact Heather: Website

How to Make More Money (26:12)

Heather did a fantastic job teaching us how to make more money by developing packages that sell multiple services that are progressively higher ticket items. I want to expand on this just a little bit because she said something that is critical.

“Your first offer at a lower price is not going to make you profit, it is the amount you can spend on marketing to get that customer.” – Heather Havenwood

This is a game changer in mindset. Up till now you probably have been spending between $8 – $20 on marketing to attract customers.

What would happen if you started spending $297?

Family First (28:00)

Have you struggled at times to get your spouse to support you on something you want to do?

I have and this week I developed a new system for my wife and I to try to make each other feel more supported and to decrease the tension between us.

It works like this, every day my wife and I must ask each other this question, “what are you struggling with and how can I help?”

This changes the focus from what we individually want and forces us to think about the other person and what they need and want.

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