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How to Profit with Nancy Ganzekaufer

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Be consistent in your marketing and brand.
  2. Profitability is the only thing that matters to a small business because without profit your business cannot survive.
  3. There are 9 steps to profitability.

Show Notes

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 Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a Business Coach. She empowers creative entrepreneurs to build the life and business they’ve always wanted. She helps them set a plan to attract and close more of their ideal clients with effective marketing and sales techniques.

Find Your Blueprint

Nancy has three specific things that she does that creates her success.

  1. Consistent marketing messages that resonate with her ideal customers.
  2. She manages her staff by understanding their zone of genius and making sure that they focus on what they excel at.
  3. She shares all her knowledge willingly in bitesize chunks and never worries about losing out because of that.

Remove Your Barriers

Nancy left her corporate job because her youngest son had a heart condition and needed surgery and she needed to work from home because she also had two other children to take care of. She needed to earn more money and work from home.

The turning point came when an opportunity presented itself in an unusual place.

“Sometimes you must walk through the fear” – Nancy Ganzekaufer

Fully Express Your Greatness

Nancy launched her coaching business, had some big wins so she took each one of her children and her boyfriend on a separate vacation over a 6-month period to spend one-on-one time and celebrate her success.

Advice for Your Younger Self

Take the leap sooner and don’t let others hold you back because they are uncomfortable with what you dream of doing.

Teaching Moment

“Niche is rich, broad is broke” – Nancy Ganzekaufer

The Profit Puzzle – 9 Steps to Profitability

  1. Create a roadmap to success
  2. Identify your ideal client
  3. Formulate your signature message
  4. Create a ladder of services
  5. Grow your client base with a content plan
  6. Share compelling content
  7. Nail your sales conversation
  8. Define your brand
  9. Establish successful systems

Contact Nancy: Website

How to Make More Money

Achieving Zero is a concept that involves driving your costs down to zero. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart was well-known for going out of his way to cut out the middleman and lower his cost. The founder of Skype took this to the next level by driving their costs to zero with creative ways of eliminating costs.

Family First

What is a profitable family?

  1. Your family refreshes you and does not drain you.
  2. Each member of the family contributes to the family’s goals and helps you achieve those goals.
  3. Your family contributes material, emotional, financial, and spiritual support when you need it.
  4. You can celebrate your greatness as a family like Nancy did with her family.

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