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Becoming a Leader with Kyler Costucci

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Have a blueprint for your life and business.
  2. Focus on improving yourself first.
  3. Being a leader will make you a better business owner and a better parent.

Show Notes:

Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur

[1:30] Kyler is an enthusiastic, energetic and truly inspiring entrepreneur who has turned from Construction Engineering Management professional where he worked on $300 million projects to an Entrepreneur building a Brokerage Firm and opening offices in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Kyler is a local small-town Albertan with big dreams, a relentless work ethic, and he is making things happen.

[2:40] Find Your Blueprint – Kyler has three things that make up his personal blueprint for success, they include; having a blueprint for your life that you review daily, have a strong morning routine, and living with an attitude with gratitude.

[7:54] Remove Your Barriers – Life is hard, and success is hard sometimes. Kyler had a terrible period in his life about a year ago where everything went wrong, a family member was ill (which incurred $50,000 in debt), a month later his houses burned down and he lost all his possessions, someone hit his car in a hit and run, his relationship with his girlfriend ended, his laptop crashed and he lost all his files, someone stole his car keys from church, and finally his mortgage company tried to foreclose on his burned down house.

[11:17] Fully Express Your Greatness – Kyler focused on improving himself, he gave up partying and drinking altogether, this was a huge win and he treated himself to a new suit.

[17:19] Teaching Moment – To become a leader you need to do these five things; first, you need to make contact with people about your business every day, second, it is so important to preplan your day, third, read regularly because the more you learn the more you earn, fourth, have an accountability partner that helps you execute, and fifth, have your goals and your vision that you review every day.

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How to Make More Money

[28:20] Leadership allows you to scale your efforts by having other people work on your vision and your goals. This creates a compound effect that produces more revenue and results.

Family First

[30:21] Leadership is something every family member can demonstrate but parents need to show leadership within the family unit. Communication and unity within the family are essential to a family’s long-term success. Guiding, training, and teaching your children to grow up and become productive members of society that contribute to your community is the result of being leaders in the home. 

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