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Take Action Today to Make Your Business Great with Marc Mawhinney

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Develop the habit of making decisions, taking consistent action, and backing each decision with determination.
  2. Set daily goals and track your results.
  3. Model the success of others but put your own unique greatness on top of that model and have a solid business plan to monetize your success.

Show Notes:

The Uplifting or Unexpected Story

[1:46] Kevin became an entrepreneur in the late 90’s, quitting his job, relocating his family, and building a business all took action. Kevin made it a habit of making decisions, taking consistent action, and backing each decision with determination.

Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur

[4:13] Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur who now focuses all his attention on helping other coaches.

[4:51] Find Your Blueprint – Taking consistent action is the common-sense habit that has led to Marc’s success.

[8:13] Remove Your Barriers – Marc went through a business closure after the 2009 economic collapse and then experienced a second business closure in 2012. Another barrier Marc faced was starting his third business with a “dental floss” budget.

[12:39] “The answer is at the end of a book not the bottom of a bottle.” #epicquotes

[13:15] Fully Express Your Greatness – Marc was building his coaching business as a side hustle and after 11-months he was able to quit his job and focus 100% on his coaching business. A mentor recommended celebrating the win and he went out for a nice dinner.

[16:31] Teaching Moment – Action is something that many entrepreneurs are lacking, Marc recommends setting daily goals and tracking your results. Setting metrics and tracking daily actions is something that is very powerful.

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How to Make More Money

[22:49] When your business doesn’t grow as quickly as you would like often you are the bottleneck. I recommend listing all the things that you, for whatever reason, are struggling to execute on. Next, it is important to look at who you can get to help you get these things done, it could be a virtual assistant, a family member, a friend, a business coach or someone with specific skills to help you. Take the action to find people who can help you make more money!

Family First

[25:53] If something is wrong we need to act to fix the problems that will not go away. Also, proactively take the action of telling and showing our family how we feel. Don’t make the assumption that they know, make sure they know by taking appropriate action.

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