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Making a Real Connection with Kim Snyder

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Connect with your community.
  2. Listen to mentors to learn how to overcome barriers.
  3. Share childhood stories to deepen your connection with your customers.

Show Notes:

The Uplifting or Unexpected Story

[1:37] If we knew how important we are, how would we change? Jane has made it her focus to connect with people.

Interesting Interview with a Great Entrepreneur

[2:50] Kim teaches how to be memorable, stand out, magnify what you do, and monetize your expertise.

[3:40] Find Your Blueprint – Connect with the core people in your community and having a mindset where fear of failure or success will not prevent you from acting.

[4:56] Remove Your Barriers – Kim listened to people like Brian Tracy to help overcome her fears.

[8:27] Fully Express Your Greatness – Kim recently was able to share her expertise with someone who was able to use the tips she shared and accomplish a business goal that they had been struggling with for over 6-months. To celebrate Kim stood up in the moment and did a happy dance.

[10:51] Teaching Moment – Essentially connecting with people can be accomplished by remembering three stories from your childhood. These childhood stories tell you about who you are and when you share that with other people and connect it to things you are doing in business it will help you to have a deeper connection with your customers.

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How to Make More Money

[15:12] When you are in a service business, good customer service is no longer enough to win, you need to have an emotional connection with your customer. Emotional motivators include; the emotional desire to stand out from the crowd, enjoying a sense of wellbeing, enjoying a sense of freedom, enjoying a sense of belonging, and protecting the environment.

Family First

[19:25] According to Lemon Lime Adventures the top 10 ways to connect with your family include; you can have a conversation, play games, get silly, create memories, say yes more, unplug from electronics, try something new, make something yummy, read together, and travel.

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