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How to Create Facebook Ads with Kevin Joseph

3 Key Points in this Week’s Episode:

  1. Use Facebook Ads to target your ideal customer.
  2. Don’t be fearful of doing Facebook Ads, start small, test, and improve.
  3. Communicate with your wife otherwise, you might be taking your in-laws out for supper.

Show Notes:

The Uplifting or Unexpected Story

[2:07] Nicole Smith has an unexpected story of talking to a customer who unloaded all their personal problems for over 25 minutes and the conversation ended with the customer complaining about how the clothing at work causes chaffed nipples.

Interesting Interview of a Great Entrepreneur

[4:17] Kevin Joseph is known as the Facebook Ads guy and host of the KJO Show.

[5:00] Find Your Blueprint – Finding someone that has done it before is important, reinventing the wheel is a waste of time.

[7:35] Remove Your Barriers – Having consistent cash flow is a big challenge, Kevin was flexible and adjusted as things changed in the digital landscape.

[9:07] Fully Express Your Greatness – When Kevin was able to travel across the world, this was his moment of greatness, he realized how special it was and he made sure that all his friends saw his pictures on Instagram.

[12:44] Teaching Moment – Facebook allows you to target your demographics specifically and speak directly to people who represent your ideal customer. Kevin recommends that you don’t get too caught up in all the hype around Facebook Armageddon, be patient, watch what the big digital marketing agencies do and adjust as needed.

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How to Make More Money

[15:46] Jamie talks about overcoming a fear of doing Facebook ads and breaks down how to set up an ad and test it with a small budget.

Family First

[20:21] Jamie tells the story of how he failed to communicate with his wife about some business expenses and this led to an argument and then Jamie having to take his wife and his in-laws out for supper.  

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