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How to Hire Fast and Fire Faster

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Business leaders often don’t hire people using a system.
  2. They are frustrated by inconsistent results.
  3. They often hang on to people far too long.

Show Notes:

Episode 140: People can be either a great asset or they can be a total liability. In this episode, I will discuss how to hire, and fire people as needed in a way that is ethical and fair but ensures the success of your business.

The Problem

I’ve heard many business leaders say, “there are no good people!”

They hire young seemingly ambitious people only to find that these people are more of a liability than an asset. In the end, the business leader has more work because in addition to doing everything that they must do they also spend a lot of time “babysitting” their employees. It feels like they would be better off if they just did all the work themselves.

Sound familiar?

But, wait a minute.

If this were true, how do you explain places like McDonald’s and Walmart?

Ray Kroc and McDonald’s built an empire employing teenagers.

Sam Walton and Walmart built an empire employing part-time staffers with little to no experience or education.

How did they do it?

First, McDonald’s and Walmart have a comprehensive system that guides every employee through every task that they are required to do.

Second, that comprehensive system includes a hiring and firing system.

Third, that system measures results, including the hiring and firing statistics, which alert the leadership group about trends that are occurring, and the system is adapted as things change.

I can hear you screaming at your podcast player. “but, I’m not McDonalds or Walmart, I don’t have those kinds of resources!”

At this point, I want to say, “I hear you and I’ve felt that way before.”

But there are tools available to help you solve this problem and I want to share them with you today.

For example:

It doesn’t cost any money to develop a hiring system. Write down each step from the placement of the employment ad, the interview process, the onboarding process, and finally the firing process if necessary.

By writing this all down in a checklist format you can see the whole system in a new way, and you can start paying attention to what works and what doesn’t and adjust as needed.

I’ve worked with Screen2Fit by Profile and used their personality profile assessment tool since 2009. Each role in your business has an ideal profile and Screen2Fit by Profile is the perfect tool to help you identify what that ideal profile is and who is best suited to work in that role. Learn more at

By using a personality profile assessment tool like Screen2Fit by Profile you spend a few hundred dollars, but you get 1-on-1 consulting that is invaluable and far exceeds the value you get when using generic free assessment tools online.

Don’t Hang On Too Long

You’re listening to the Build a Better Business podcast. I’m your host Jamie Irvine and we’ve been talking about how in order to build a better team it is necessary to hire and sometimes fire faster.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business leaders make is that they hang on to people that don’t fit the culture of the business and are disruptive to the rest of the team for far too long.

I want to mention that it is your responsibility to learn and follow the federal, state or provincial and local labor laws. Get help from professionals who can explain what your legal rights and obligations are before making any decisions.

In Canada, the first 90-days of someone’s employment provides the employee and the employer to assess one another. This is the time that you want to make sure that you have hired someone that can follow your system, get along with your team, and fit into the culture of your business.

If not, be honest with the person, follow the legal requirements and ask them to leave. Hanging on wishing and hoping instead of facing reality is a mistake that can cost you significantly.

Let’s do a quick review so that you can get the key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Business leaders often don’t hire people using a system.
  2. They are frustrated by inconsistent results.
  3. They often hang on to people far too long.

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Next Episode:

On Tuesday, we are going to have a discussion with solopreneur James Dawson from Oregon. James was brutally honest about his situation and there are some great takeaways.

Talk to you on Tuesday.

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