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Three Ways to Be Better at Sales

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. Understand what your personality profile will allow and prevent you from doing.
  2. Ask your ideal customer what they need and want from an outbound salesperson.
  3. Develop a systematic way to deliver what your ideal customer needs and wants from an outbound salesperson.

Show Notes:

Episode 138: Sales is the engine of every business. As a solopreneur, small business owner, and sometimes even as the CEO of a small to medium corporation the role of outbound salesperson falls on your shoulders.

Therefore, developing your abilities as a sales professional is a critical part of building a better business because in the present you are responsible for growing your sales and in the future, you will have a sales team that you are responsible for managing.

In episode 138 I will share 3 ways to be better in sales which will help you build a better business.

Step # 1Personality Profile

The reason that sales is not something every person can do is because the outbound sales role requires a specific personality profile that some people have, and some people don’t.

Put a person with low assertiveness, low sociability, high pace and high detail orientation in an outbound sales role and I guarantee you regardless of how good your sales system is you will witness a person who will exhibit avoidance behavior and will eventually implode.

Conversely, put a person with high levels of assertiveness and sociability, low pace and detail orientation in an outbound sales role and I guarantee you regardless of how poor or non-existent your sales system is you will witness a person who will thrive.

If you are expected to be in the outbound sales role for your business, it is essential that you understand your personality profile. I can test you and help you build a sales system that matches your personality which will protect you from the inevitable implosion that comes from ignoring your personality limitations and putting yourself in a role that demands things from you that you are unable to do.

If it turns out that you are unable to do outbound sales and are better suited to perform a different role, I can help you create an ideal profile for your outbound sales role, test candidates and help you hire the right person for the job. Beyond that, I can help you build a sales system that matches the role perfectly and this will create a winning environment for the salesperson and your business.

Step # 2 – Ask Your Ideal Customer What They Want

This is such a simple strategy and yet it is often completely overlooked by even multinational sales organizations.

Imagine a boardroom at headquarters and the VP of Sales and the Regional Sales Managers feverishly working around the clock creating all kinds of strategies for the outbound sales teams to employ to increase revenue and yet no one thinks to ask the one person who can tell you everything you need to know – the ideal customer!

The best thing about this strategy is that all you need is a list of questions, a pen or stylus, and a blank piece of paper or a tablet with an open word document.

The kind of questions you want to ask your ideal customers are:

  • When you think about your favorite salesperson, what did they do that you loved?
  • When you think about your least favorite salesperson, what kinds of things do they do that drive you crazy?
  • What is one thing that you wish every salesperson would do for you that no one does well?

You can keep going with more specific questions related to your specific industry and business, but you get the idea. I did this in 2016; I came up with 14 questions and I asked over 30 customers those questions and then I formulated a plan based on what those customers told me, and I have delivered ever since.

The results have been that my sales revenue has increased every year despite the oil and gas industry taking a huge dive here in Canada which the heavy-duty parts industry relies on heavily.

Ask your customers what they want and give it to them. A simple strategy yet very effective but how exactly do you deliver what your customers want?

Step #3 – Develop a Sales System

Your outbound sales efforts should not solely rely on finding salespeople with ideal personality profiles.

In addition to hiring the right people for the job and asking your customers what they want you must develop a method of delivering consistently.

The only way to deliver consistently is to use a systematic method.

The good news is that developing a sales system doesn’t need to be complex. My sales system uses a CRM, a calendar, and a set of questions that I wrote down and turned into a checklist that I use on every sales call to ensure that I don’t forget anything.

Using this simple sales system, I manage over $2.5M in annual revenue and growing.

Let me unpack that for you:

I use ZOHO CRM to keep track of all my customers and prospects. I like this CRM because it has a robust free edition which I use. I did spend some time customizing the layout to meet my needs which were simple to do.

Next, I used the calendar within the CRM and sync it to my calendar so that all sales calls are scheduled ahead of time and the customer’s account is easily updated with pertinent information.

Finally, I plan what I am going to say by creating a simple checklist of questions that I want to ask the customer. This helps me guide the customer and earns me the opportunity to present a solution that is tailored to their needs. Once this work is done, I simply ask for the customer to make a buying decision using silence as the only pressure when I close.

This system is simple but does require input from the ideal customers and a little bit of forethought.

This concludes episode 138 and I hope that you will be able to use these strategies to be better in sales and build a better business. If you would like some help with all of this why not schedule a 15-minute conversation with me, it’s free and will allow me to understand your situation specifically which will provide me with the information I need to make valuable recommendations. Go to and click on the blue button to schedule your 15-minute conversation.

Next Episode:

On Tuesday, I am going to interview Lorena Tomasini who is going to teach us how to prepare for the unexpected in business.

Talk to you on Tuesday.

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