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How to Find More Clients with Maggie Patterson

3 Key Points:

  1. Manage your money and time carefully.
  2. Work with coaches to help you change your mindset so that you aren’t the bottleneck of your business.
  3. When you are trying to find more clients ask for referrals and develop your professional network.

Show Notes:

[0:25] Maggie is a communications strategist, business growth consultant, and CMO at digital marketing studio SCOOP and the co-host of the Small Business Boss podcast.

[1:24] Find Your Blueprint – Has a five-step process that enables her to find clients, book clients, wowing clients, managing her money and time.

[3:18] Maggie struggles with patience, in May 2018 it will be 14-years in business for herself, but the larger barrier was her mindset. She was the bottleneck.

[5:26] Remove Your Barriers – Working with coaches has really helped her to make advancement and managing her money with long-term goals constantly in mind has helped her get to another place.

[7:05] Fully Express Your Greatness – Maggie went on a cruise with her husband and flew business class. Many of her friends who joined them on the cruise all noticed how different she was. Maggie is now more vocal and proud of her accomplishments.

[10:33] Teaching Moment – Finding more clients is a fundamental part of building a great business. To find more clients we need to avoid being lulled into thinking that the internet will do all the heavy lifting for them. Go back to basics and do the “old school” pre-internet marketing. Ask for referrals. Develop your professional relationship so that you can send business back and forth. Use other people’s platforms when you are first starting out.

[15:40] Maggie is going to share with us how to get reviews on Google and Facebook.

Here is a sample email you can send for getting a review:

Thank you so much (insert person’s name) for being a customer of (Insert Your Company Name).

Would you please help us out by giving us a great review on either Google or Facebook?

Just click below:

Google or Facebook

Your support really helps us out.

Hint: Highlight the word Google or Facebook and right click, click on Link and add the URL of either your Google or Facebook page. I left my links to my contracting business live so you can see what happens when you click on the link.

Feedback on this email: I personally tried this after the interview with Maggie with my partners contracting business, Pure Pressure Power Washing Ltd, and got 4 reviews in 2-days from past customers.

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