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The Evolution of a Podcast – Celebrating 100 Episodes

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  1. I review the evolution of the Build a Better Business Podcast.
  2. We will listen to some past interviews and highlights and I unveil the top three most listened to episodes.
  3. I will review what to expect in Season 3 and 4 and the next 100 episodes.

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Let’s get started with episode 100.

Just saying episode 100 makes me feel very proud. When I was preparing to launch my podcast, I did research on when podcast fade typically happens and why so many podcasts go defunct so quickly. What I discovered was that most podcasters produced 12 episodes and only were active for six months before they quit. Additionally, I found that roughly only the top 20% of podcasts make it to episode 100.

So, before I aired a single episode, I made sure that I had 12 episodes prepared and I made a promise to myself that I would do 100 episodes before I even considered quitting. This guaranteed that I would make it into the top 20% and I felt that this would give me enough information to make a sound decision about whether the podcast was viable.

Well, I am happy to report that not only is the podcast viable, but it is changing people’s lives and that is such an incredible thing to be able to say. We have recently received emails from long-time listeners who have expressed how much the podcast has helped them with their business and their life. Receiving these emails is so heartwarming.

When you start something new, whether it is a business or a podcast, there is a process of trial and error that you must go through to test your assumptions and to validate the systems you are creating.

Committing to doing 100 episodes gave me time to go through that process and I have learned so much about what works and what doesn’t from an operational point of view as well as what content the audience enjoys and how to market the whole thing effectively.

It took me time to work out the tech that makes a podcast show up on my website and podcast players, to address sound quality issues, to create a system that efficiently finds and books guests, and to produce the show effectively without it consuming my entire life.

When you start something new you rarely end up where you imagined before you start. The podcast started as The Jamie Irvine Podcast for Entrepreneurs and ended up being rebranded to Build a Better Business with Jamie Irvine. That is not something that I expected but I am so glad that I traveled this journey with all of you.

Later in the episode, I am going to play some highlights and reveal the top three most listened to episodes but before we do that, I thought it would be fun to listen to the evolution of intros to the podcast over the last 100 episodes.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

Over the last 100 episodes, there have been some milestones that I would like to celebrate.

The podcast started on March 25, 2018, with an introductory episode and a set of interviews that I had done on other podcasts. This allowed listeners to get to know me a little better before I started introducing you to guests of my own.

In episode 14, I updated the content format. This would be one of several adjustments that culminated in our current format.

In episode 52, I started the first solo show where I did a lecture about over-arching goals. This would kick off a 10-week series entitled, The Blueprint of a Great Business which is the title of my e-book.

In episode 64, I interviewed my business hero, Michael E. Gerber. This was such an honor for me, and he didn’t disappoint.

In episode 66, I launched the rebranded podcast Build a Better Business with Jamie Irvine.

Another milestone that was special was welcoming my first repeat guest on the podcast. We first met former MMA fighter Jay Kali in episode 47 and he returned in episode 70.

It was great to have a second repeat guest when Gregg Clunis, who was episode 22, returned in episode 95. Gregg was particularly memorable because of his emotional story of losing his father.

Over the last 100 episodes I have had the privilege of interviewing some very amazing people and honestly, I would love to play clips from each interview but that just wasn’t possible, so I selected a few highlights of memorable interviews because of their significance in the development of the show.

In episode 9, I conducted my very first interview with Eric Arnold.

In episode 13, I interviewed Maggie Patterson. At the time I didn’t know it but Maggie became a consultant for the show and was in part responsible for helping me when I rebranded to the Build a Better Business brand.

In episode 17, I interviewed John Lee Dumas, he is the host of Entrepreneurs On Fire and he interviewed me in 2017 on episode 1769. JLD is one of the influential people who encouraged me to become a podcast host myself.

In episode 41, Logan Tyler Nelson showed incredible courage when he talked publicly about his suicide attempt.

In episode 42, I interviewed one of several authors that I admire. Larry Levine, author of the great sales book called Selling From The Heart was kind enough to join us and share his expertise.

In episode 93, Cori Di Donato shared her expertise about cash flow management. This was one of the interviews that I did in response to the results of the survey of the listeners. Cash flow was one of three major problems listeners of the podcast struggle with and so I arranged for Cori to come on the podcast as a subject-matter expert.

Those were just a few of the highlights of the past 100 episodes, it was impossible to pick because there were just so many great interviews, but I hope you enjoyed these highlights.

Now I’m sure you are interested to hear which episodes made the top three most listened to list.

  • #3 – Coming in third place is none other than episode 64 with Michael E Gerber.
  • #2 – In second place, episode 23 with Canadian entrepreneur Kyler Costucci. Kyler was in first place almost all year but was narrowly edged out in the last few weeks.
  • #1 – In first place, the most listened to episode in this podcast’s history is one of my wish list guests, episode 76 with Dorie Clark. Dorie was a big influence on me, her books Reinventing You and Entrepreneurial You was also very influential in my decision to become a podcast host.

So, there you have it. I’ve really enjoyed taking a few minutes to celebrate the last 100 episodes with you.

I’m sure you are interested in hearing about what to expect in Season 3 and 4 and the next 100 episodes.

There are 5 things that I wanted to share with you about the next 100 episodes:

  1. Mini-Series: All mini-series in the future will include interviews and lectures grouped together. For example, episodes 101 – 104 will be a mini-series entitled, How to Cope with Depression in the Workplace that will include two interviews and two lectures.
  2. Commercials: I have decided to change the way that I monetize the podcast. So, instead of doing repetitive commercials I am going to do in-depth mini-series so you can get a deeper understanding of exactly why I recommend a sponsor and how to use their products or services to help you build a better business. In place of the repetitive commercials, I will be letting you know how to connect with me and giving away free resources.
  3. Resources: Speaking of resources, you will be receiving more valuable resources from me and my guests in the form of free downloadable information to help you apply what you are learning. An example of this was in episode 97 we gave away one of Glenn Livingston’s books.
  4. Consistency: I will continue to produce two episodes a week, interviews on Tuesday and lectures on Friday. The brand of the podcast and the format of the episodes will largely remain the same.
  5. Something New: When I started this whole journey before I decided to launch a podcast, I had a blog. That blog has been dormant for a while and I decided to bring it back. On February 1st, I posted a new article called How to Be a Leader That Dreams. This article repackages the show notes of the mini-series; Leaders That Dream that aired in episodes 75, 78, and 80. These blog articles will come out approximately one month after the mini-series airs on the podcast and will put all the relevant information from the show notes of each episode within a mini-series into one place so that you can review it anytime you want.

Well, this brings episode 100 to a close and I want to personally thank you for listening to the podcast and I look forward to sharing the next 100 episodes and more with you.

On Tuesday, we are going to start a brand new 4-part mini-series entitled:

How to Cope with Depression in the Workplace

In episode 101, I will introduce you to Dennis Miller. Dennis has suffered from depression his entire adult life and yet he became a CEO of a corporation and has succeeded in life. In this interview, Dennis will help you to understand what is involved in coping with depression as you lead your business. Talk to you on Tuesday.

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