Written by Jamie Irvine | 3-minute read

This week I met with a supplier.

My roles, as both a Sales Professional and an Entrepreneur, allow me to often be on “both sides of the desk” as it were in sales situations.

As the potential customer for this supplier, I observed several things that I thought were interesting and reminded me of how to do it, and simultaneously how NOT to do it.  keep reading »

4 Myths About Being an Entrepreneur

Written by Jamie Irvine | 4-minute read

In this crazy world we live in, every day we produce more and more information, and 90 % of that information is unstructured. In 1992, 100 GB of data was produced each day online. It is projected that by 2018 we will be producing 50,000 GB per second!

To say that there is a lot of opinion and misinformation out there would be an understatement.

What happens to a business owner, to an entrepreneur with a dream, when they try to get the information they need to make their business a great success? keep reading »

Business For Sale

Can you sell your business for a profit? (Part 2)

Written by Jamie Irvine | 8-minute read

Thank you to my valued audience for your positive feedback on my original article “Can you sell your business for a profit?” Due to the overwhelming popularity of the article and the requests from several readers to make this a 2-part series I am happy to add this second article.

The Tactical Work of Building a Business That Can Be Sold

In the first part of this article, we talked about the end result, selling your business. Now we will discuss what you must do tactically to build a business that someone else wants to buy. keep reading »

Interested in Starting Your Own Business

Written by Jamie Irvine | 5-minute read

Starting your own business is a noble goal as it provides you with the platform to create and accomplish amazing things. It is also a journey that is full of danger and adventure.

If you’re really serious about starting your own business then I invite you to allow me to be your guide on this journey. Let’s get started. keep reading »